Bodra stands at the intersection of individuality and collective creativity, embodying both a clothing brand and a vibrant showroom, while fostering a community of collaboration.

At Bodra, we embrace the harmony between the individual 'Me' and the collective 'Us,' championing the belief that authenticity and teamwork are pivotal in shaping one's values and fashion sense.

Bodra Clothing: At the heart of Jaffa in Tel-Aviv, Bodra offers a unique collection of predominantly unisex garments. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to ultimate comfort, achieved through meticulous construction techniques and the selection of premium fabrics. Our approach goes beyond fleeting trends, offering distinctive styles with customizable details that invite personal expression.

Discover our construction methods, signature cuts, and how to personalize your Bodra style in our collections.

Bodra Showroom: More than just a space for our brand, our showroom celebrates the creativity of local artists, featuring an array of paintings, accessories, and digital art. Bodra provides a platform for showcasing talents through showroom displays, pop-up sales, and the creation of branded content. Our dynamic team of photographers, models, stylists, and digital creators are ready to bring visions to life.

Explore our art and content studio.

Bodra Community: Bodra is a crucible for creativity, where artists from various disciplines, from performance to digital realms, can bring their ideas into tangible realities. Our community is a space for the creation of both events and purchasable items, encouraging a seamless blend of artistry and commerce.

Join us in exploring our collaborations and events, where creativity knows no bounds.

Dive into the world of Bodra, where style meets substance, and collaboration fuels the fire of creativity.